17.12.2012 (Eagle Mountain Park)

Rach and I spent the  day hiking, eating Hot Damn Tamales and driving around with the windows done, singing and dancing.

She is a gem. The tiniest angel baby. Her heart is good and her creative mind makes everything more fun.


Texas is dry. Texas isn’t always beautiful. But dead things can be beautiful. Actually, I really enjoy dead things.


We also saw an armadillo. SONY DSC We played in the leaves and played make believe in our minds. SONY DSC Tamales. tamales. TaMaLaS.SONY DSC Oh, and I also really like this tree. SONY DSC


Jenna Lea

Hey, I’m back.

Here’s what I’m learning.

Life is better when you take the time to do things.

I’m making pillows.

I’m reading books.

I’m baking muffins.

I’m driving around with the windows down.

I’m making music.

I’m being thankful.

I’m eating treats.

I’m loving humans.


Trying to love light. Trying to dance for good things. Trying to be patient and loving and living in the moment.


Jenna Lea


So… I say this every time I post. BUT I might as well say it again. Sorry I’m so bad a writing on this thing.

So many things have been going down in Wien.

I’ve stayed here the last couple weekends and had a blast, living and loving.

This weekend I went to a few museums.

Sammi and I went here.

LIGHTS// Dan Flavin

We had a blast! And a creepy man talked to my, which always makes for a good story. He kept asking weird boyfriend questions and telling me Texas facts. The conversations ended like this.

Man: “Do you have a boyfriend?”

Me: “Uhhhhh….. yes. I’m going to catch up with my friend. Bye.”

I AM SO GOOD AT LYING. I bet he didn’t know.

I also took some sweet pix of Sammi.

Well, I like them, at least.

Isn’t the the greatest human?

Love her.

More things happened. Things are always happening.


Jenna Lea


I’ve been absent. SO MUCH HAS GONE ON.

But today I am posting my fun. 


My joy in being alone.

Being a middle schooler. 

Being a blogger. 

Being a dancing baby. 

Being whoever I want to be. 

When I am alone, I am inspired.




Jenna Lea